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The entire school packed in to Shoreham Academy’s Sports Hall on Monday afternoon for the Kingston Cup 2017 ‘Grand Reveal’. The atmosphere was electric as the final results were revealed on the big screens. Mr Coupe got proceedings underway by asking the students from each school to make as much noise as possible to show how much they wanted to win. Heads of School, Pastoral Leaders, Mentors and Head Boys and Girls led the blast of noise. The sound was deafening as each school took their turn.

At the end of the Spring Term Doyle had a narrow lead in the Kingston Cup competition with 13,150 points, with Wells in second on 12,550 and Kipling in third with 10,350 points.

Kipling, although in third place, had success with Times Tables Rock Stars, Year 7 Accelerated Reader and the ‘Great Shoreham Academy Bake Off’, giving themselves a shot at the title.

Doyle who had led since the start of the year continued their good form with a great result in the ‘It’s a knockout competition’ from the Year 9 Isle of Wight trip.

However, Wells school took the big points with success in the ‘Festival of Summer Sport’, Whole school attendance and Key Stage 3 and 4 Achievement Points.

As students and staff led a drum roll to build the tension for the ‘Grand Reveal’ it was Kipling who were awarded third place with 12,550 points. Down to just two schools, it was obvious that Wells knew they had given themselves the chance to take the honours.

Finally, Doyle were declared in second place with 15,250 and thus Wells were revealed as the inaugural Kingston Cup winners taking first place with 15,750 points.

Miss Power, Head of School for Wells, was jumping around and dabbing with delight while Ms Molli was hugging everyone in sight! Mr Coupe presented the Kingston Cup to the Head Boy and Girls of Wells who lifted it triumphantly aloft.

The question now is can Wells retain the Cup in 2018 or will Doyle or Kipling prove victorious?

All Wells students can wear non-school uniform tomorrow as Kingston Cup winners. 

Period 6 – All Wells students to the Sports Hall for their ‘Celebration Festival’.



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