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Below are copies of our Academy policies which are available to download, please contact us should you have questions regarding our policies.

Accessibility Plan October 2018.pdf 487KB Accessibility Plan
Asthma Policy 2017.pdf 394KB Asthma Policy
Administration of Medicines Policy  Sep 2019_.pdf 233KB Adminstration of Medicines Policy
AUP Policy April 2019 Final.pdf 219KB Acceptable Use Policy
Attendance Policy June 2020.pdf 267KB Attendance Policy
Admissions Policy March 2020.pdf 313KB Admissions Policy
Shoreham Academy Admissions Policy March 2020 Catchment Map.pdf 578KB Admissions Policy Catchment Map
Behaviour Policy September 2020.pdf 255KB Behaviour Policy Students
Shoreham Academy Antibullying Policy September 2019.pdf 393KB Anti Bullying Policy
Behaviour of Parents, Visitors and Other Members of the Public Policy November 2019.pdf 324KB Behaviour of Parents, Visitors and Other
Collective Worship and withdrawal from worship Policy 2018.pdf 126KB Collective worship and withdrawal from worship
CCTV Policy.pdf 290KB CCTV Policy
Children Missing In Education Policy 2019.pdf 613KB Children Missing In Education Policy
Safety for Visitors at Shoreham Academy.pdf 76KB Covid-19 Visitor Safety Protocol
Covid-19 (Autumn Term 2020) Risk Assessment V14.pdf 378KB Covid-19 Risk Assessment Reopening Sept 2020 v14
Charging and Remissions UL Finance Policy - Oct18.pdf 197KB Charging and Remissions Policy
Shoreham Academy Complaints Policy October 2019.pdf 269KB Complaints Policy
SA Equality and Diversity Policy 2018.pdf 310KB Equality and Diversity Policy
E safety policy 2019 Final.pdf 831KB E-Safety Policy
GDPR Data Protection All Policies.zip 1388KB GDPR Data Protection All Policies
Exclusions Policy April 2018.pdf 342KB Exclusions Policy
Drug policy March 2018.pdf 212KB Drugs Policy
First Aid Policy 2019.pdf 873KB First Aid Policy
First Aid Protocol Covid 19 appendix to First Aid Policy June 2020.pdf 158KB First Aid Policy Appendix
Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme ULT.pdf 260KB Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme
Home Academy Partnership Agreement Parents.pdf 328KB Home Academy Partnership Agreement
Freedom of Information Procedure ULT.pdf 232KB Freedom of Information Procedure
Shoreham Health and Safety Management Policy 2019-20.pdf 935KB Health & Safety Policy
Gifted and Talented Provision Policy March 2018.pdf 423KB Gifted and Talented Provision Policy
Image Use policy 2018.pdf 641KB Image Use Policy
Literacy Policy 2019.pdf 209KB Literacy Policy
Shoreham Lock Down Procedures 2019.pdf 1094KB Lockdown Policy Website
Off-Site Education Visits Policy.pdf 192KB Off-Site Education Visits Policy
Shoreham Academy Privacy Notice.pdf 580KB Privacy Notice Shoreham Academy GDPR
Prevent Policy September 2018.pdf 633KB Prevent Policy (Safeguarding)
Relationships and Sex Education Policy.pdf 460KB Relationships and Sex Education Policy
PSHCEe Policy.pdf 766KB PSHCEe Policy
SA- Safeguarding Policy (September 2019) Final.pdf 904KB Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Shoreham Academy Safeguarding Policy Appendix June 2020.pdf 199KB Safeguarding Policy Appendix
Searches Policy - May 2019.pdf 523KB Searches Policy
Self-Harm response policy Oct 2019.pdf 264KB Self Harm Response Policy
Social Media Policy 2018.pdf 796KB Social Media Policy
SEND Policy including Local Offer updated Sept 2019.pdf 222KB Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy
Annex to SEND Information Report June 2020.pdf 141KB Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy Annex
Student Uniform Policy Sept 2020.pdf 231KB Student Uniform Policy
United Learning Whistleblowing (Raising Concerns) Policy 2019.pdf 649KB Whistleblowing Policy
Word Processing in Exams Policy.pdf 583KB Word Processing in Exams Policy
WEX Strategy  Policy 2019 20.pdf 1094KB Work Experience Policy
Young Carers Policy 2019.pdf 513KB Young Carers Policy
United Learning Group Data Protection Policy.pdf 577KB GDPR 1 United Learning Group Data Protection Policy
United Learning Group Privacy Notice Policy.pdf 571KB GDPR 2 United Learning Group Privacy Notice Policy
Rights of the Data Subject Policy.pdf 578KB GDPR 3 United Learning Group Rights of the Data Subject Policy
Records Management and Retention Policy.pdf 151KB GDPR 4 Records Management and Retention Policy
Procedure for Keeping Records of Data Processing Activities.pdf 628KB GDPR 5 Records of processing activities
United Learning Group Data Breach Policy and Procedure.pdf 583KB GDPR 6 United Learning Group Data Breach Policy and Procedure
Data Sharing Policy and Procedure.pdf 570KB GDPR 7 United Learning Group Data Sharing Policy and Procedure
Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy, Procedure and Guidance.pdf 613KB GDPR 8 Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy and Procedure

The school is part of United Learning. United Learning comprises: UCST (Registered in England No: 2780748. Charity No. 1016538) and ULT (Registered in England No. 4439859. An Exempt Charity). Companies limited by guarantee. VAT number 834 8515 12.
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