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Our Values

Achievement & Rewards

At Shoreham Academy we believe all students should be praised for their hard work, excellence, integrity and continued efforts. As such we have several reward structures in place.

  • Annual continued effort in and out of class and homework rewards. 

  • Attitude to Learning and reports awards. 

  • Attendance certificates. 

  • Direct emails to parents/carers for exemplary effort and attitude. 

Annual continued effort in and out of class and homework rewards.

Students will receive ongoing achievement points from the following criteria. These will either be added to your child’s records from the administration staff in regards to attendance, extra-curricular activity leads, pastoral managers or teaching staff. Achievement points will be cumulatively collated resulting in an annual reward to celebrate their hard work, excellence, integrity and continued efforts. 

Attitude to Learning

When students receive their reports, they will be given an attitude to learning grade. The criteria for each grade is outlined as:

Sapphire – Excellent behaviour and attitude of learning

Green – Good behaviour and attitude and learning

Amber - Behaviour and attitude to learning requires improvement

Red - Poor behaviour and attitude to learning.

Attendance certificates

Students will be awarded an attendance certificate at the end of each term if they achieve 100% attendance. Students that have achieved 100% across the academic year will be entered into a draw for 3 main prizes which, in the past, have been a kindle, go-pro and a mountain bike.

Direct emails to parents/carers for exemplary effort and attitude

Weekly achievement points issued by teachers, based on hard work, excellence, integrity and continued effort can be seen on firefly and are automatically emailed out to parents. This enables you to see which teacher rewarded your child and what the achievement was for. These achievements are for a selected few and worth 20 points each. In order to receive these your child must either demonstrate;

  • Outstanding work and effort in class.
  • Outstanding work and effort on homework.
  • Exemplary support and kindness in class

Showing gratitude

At Shoreham Academy it is important that students and staff express gratitude to each other, and we have therefore introduced the ‘Gratitude Bell’. This is a bell that acknowledges the support/success of our students and staff publicly so that achievements can be applauded and acknowledged.

Another way of showing gratitude at Shoreham Academy is by students and staff being able to receive gratitude postcards. These postcards are from staff members to students as well as students to staff, allowing all of Shoreham Academy the opportunity to show gratitude to one another no matter how big or small.