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Achievement & Rewards

Shoreham Academy Rewards

At Shoreham Academy we believe all students should be praised for their hard work, excellence, integrity and continued efforts. As such we have several reward structures in place.

  • Annual continued effort in and out of class and homework rewards.
  • Attitude to learning and reports awards.
  • Attendance certificates. 

Annual continued effort in and out of class and homework rewards.

Students will receive ongoing achievement points from the following criteria. These will either be added to your child’s records from the administration staff in regards to attendance, extra-curricular activity leads, pastoral managers or teaching staff. Achievement points will be cumulatively collated resulting in an annual reward to celebrate their hard work, excellence, integrity and continued efforts. Achievement points can also be viewed on firefly.


Achievement Reward Points




100% Attendance in a half term, not late or have behaviour points.


95% Attendance in a half term, not late or have behaviour points.


Positive contribution to school life

(E.g. helped out at Parents’ Evening).

Excellent and consistent effort in class.


Attendance to extra-curricular activities.

Good personal attainment in class.


Improved effort or attitude in class/positive contribution to lessons.

Excellent homework.




Points gained from the above criteria are collated annually and the following rewards are distributed before the autumn half term in a school assembly. It is also important to note that individual schools will highlight their mentor group with the highest collective achievement points each week in assemblies and that all points feed into the end of year Kingston cup award. 

Achievement Points Emailed to Parent/Carers

Weekly achievement points issued by teachers, based on hard work, excellence, integrity and continued effort can be seen on firefly and are automatically emailed out to parents. This enables you to see which teacher rewarded your child and what the achievement was for. These achievements are for a selected few and worth 20 points each. In order to receive these your child must either demonstrate;

  • Outstanding work and effort in class.
  • Outstanding work and effort on homework.
  • Exemplary support and kindness in class.

Attitude to learning and reports awards

When you receive your child’s report there will be an attitude to learning level given by each teacher. The criteria is structured to highlight hard work, excellence, integrity and continued effort. At Shoreham Academy we call them RAGS because the attitude to learning is levelled at a red, amber, green or sapphire. Each level has a corresponding achievement point attached to it (please see RAGS criteria below). These points are collated and reward badges and vouchers are given out after each report accordingly.

RAGS points have to be calculated out as a percentage as different years take different amounts of lessons.

For example, if your child has 10 different subjects then they will receive 10 individual RAGS. As a sapphire is the highest and gains 10 achievement points, their total possible value will be 100 points. Sapphire badges and small canteen item vouchers, will be received by achieving 85% plus, of total possible available points. So if 100 points are available and your child’s RAGS values sum to 85 or above they will receive the sapphire reward. If your child’s RAGS values are between 75% - 84% they will receive a green badge and small canteen item voucher.


Please take a minute to read through the RAGS criteria, as every teacher follows this when they fill out your child’s report. Each criteria, in each section, needs to be achieved in order to receive that level. If you have any concerns or questions in regards to the rewards system then please contact Ms S Kerr, sarah.kerr@shoreham-academy.org 




RAGS Criteria


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