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Our Values

Education With Character

The Shoreham Academy Experience Pledges

The SA pledge system is designed to enable students to develop character that supports their well-being through the accomplishment of incrementally ambitious pledges. These experiences are offered through extra-curricular enrichment, clubs, trips and visits. This also includes Experience Week. Students are rewarded by achieving these pledges at bronze, silver or gold standard. Achievements go towards the Kingston Cup.

We are incredibly proud to deliver an Education with Character; an education which challenges, inspires and excites our students, and prepares them for the ups and downs of life. The core values that run through Shoreham Academy are integrity, Hard Work and Excellence. In addition, we provide the pledges so that students can develop the following characteristics:



We want to encourage all our students to be actively involved in the SA Experience pledges in order to develop Education with Character whilst having lots of fun!

Students can demonstrate and develop these qualities in different ways. Here are some suggestions: 

These wider opportunities equip our young people with the character attributes that will enable them to succeed in later life.

Please check the clubs and enrichment sections and read the weekly principles message for the many exciting opportunities available.