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Firefly VLE Login Details


The Academy's VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)  is provided by Firefly. 

The VLE is used to support student learning particularly when out of the classroom. It holds all key revision and learning information for students.

For details on all Shoreham Academy student and parent systems and guidance on logins, passwords etc please use these files on the Firefly parent portal page, for student systems please click here.   For details on parent systems and logins please click here

If a parent or student cannot login to Firefly then please email helpdeskit@shoreham-academy.org 

Student username for Firefly is their email address and password is their 'Shoreham password' which is their school network password.

How to scan in pages from books/files using OneDrive app

How to add a file to Firefly task from OneDrive from your phone

How To Respond to a Task in Firefly

How To Respond to a Task Using Your Phone March

How to Respond to respond to a task Video March

Student Tip Sheet 

Student PowerPoint as PDF

Click For Links to Download Planner App via App Store or Google Play

Click Here For Parent Portal

Click Here For Parent Portal Guide 

There are further walkthroughs and guides available in the Learning+ Guides area of Firefly 

Please note Firefly have released a parent 'app' which should work on most devices. Search for ‘firefly for parents’ The school code is ‘shoreham’. This should allow you to view key information about your child (children) on your smartphone using your current PP login. (When activating your account for the first time you may need to check your junk folder in your email program.