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November 21st 2021 (Weekly Recording Link) - Click Here  Please take a test before returning after half term. 

Covid-19 Update: At Home Testing

From Tuesday 14th September students will resume home testing. This page will provide any updates and information for parents over the next few months while home testing is part of our risk assessed approach to keeping the school open safely.

Supported Lateral Flow Tests September 2021

The government have asked us to complete two guided Lateral Flow tests over the first few days of term for all students, up to and including Sixth Form. Once again, all details relating to this are provided in the section below. Whilst existing students are used to this process, we do recognise that our new Year 7s may well be unfamiliar, please be reassured that we will support your child and help minimise their anxieties if they have them.  

The Sports Hall is being setup again as a testing centre for students over the first 6 days of term. We learnt a lot from the last set of tests in March and hope to streamline the process making it quicker and easier for students. We will not be registering tests with NHS on the day unless a result is positive. Someone from the Senior Team will then contact you about collection of your child and advise on next steps.  

We now have some batches of the Orient Gene Double nasal swab tests, these are regarded as being simpler and easier to undertake so we are using the ones we have with younger year groups (7,8,9). Years 10, 11 and Sixth form will use the Innova tests which we used in March and are the same as the home tests our students and staff have been using.   

For our existing students we will be using the consents parents gave us via Operoo in the Spring of 2020 or signed paper copies of the consent forms for those who were unable to consent via Operoo. If you would like to change your consent for any reason or have any other questions about the testing, then please email our student services team by Sunday 5th September. studentservices@shoreham-academy.org  For our new Year 7 parents you were sent a consent form via email last week. If you missed this form please click here and complete this by Sunday 5th September.  


AM Testing Sessions

PM Testing Sessions

Monday 6th September

Year 11 (Innova)

Year 7 (Orient Gene)

Tuesday 7th September

Year 10 (Innova)

Year 12/13 (Innova)

Wednesday 8th September

Year 9 (Orient Gene)

Year 8 (Orient Gene)

Thursday 9th September

Year 11 (Innova)

Year 7 (Orient Gene)

Friday 10th September

Year 10 (Innova)

Year 12/13 (Innova)

Monday 13th September

Year 9 (Orient Gene)

Year 8 (Orient Gene)



Click Here for letter from Principal 22 March 2021 

Video Guide - Step by Step Guide to COVID-19 self testing 

Simple Guide to Self Testing 

Logging Home Tests 

NHS - Report Home Test Kit Result - Click Here 

Report Home Test Results to the School 

Sixth Form Students 

From 21 06 2021 Form links will be emailed direct to students. 

Students in Years 7 to 11

Parents please use the Operoo Form named 'COVID-19 Test Result Student Form'  

You can update this form each time you have a test result to report 

Guide for using Operoo Form to Report Results - Click Here 


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we testing people without symptoms of COVID-19?

Up to one in three people who have coronavirus (COVID-19) do not display any symptoms. This follows on from the initial three tests that most students undertook in school after return to school on 8th March. 

Is this compulsory?
Testing is voluntary, and we will not prevent students from coming to school if they are not testing. The success of this public health measure depends on as many people participating as possible. Participation in this is very important for us as a community; it is not compulsory, but we are strongly encouraging taking part as that benefits us all in helping to keep us and our families and friends safer.   

What is the outline of the process?

Can children and young people swab themselves?
Secondary pupils aged 11 should have the test administered by an adult, and pupils and students aged 12-17 should be supervised by an adult but can swab themselves. 

How often do staff and students need to test?
Students should take the test at home twice a week 3-4 days apart.  (We would strongly recommend taking the first test of the week on either Sunday evening or Monday morning and then the second test on Wednesday or Thursday).

How effective are these tests?
LFD tests have been widely and successfully used to detect asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. The speed and convenience of the tests supports the detection of the virus in asymptomatic individuals, who would not otherwise have got tested. LFD tests are approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The tests are highly specific, with low chances of false positives. They are also very sensitive and able to identify the majority of the most infectious yet asymptomatic individuals. It is important to remember that these tests are an additional layer of health protection measure in addition to hand washing, face covering and social distancing.

What happens if my child tests positve?

If the test indicates a positive test result it means they are highly likely currently infected with coronavirus and risk infecting others. When you report your result, you will be provided with further information on the next steps to take. Please note, your results will be identified as an LFD (Lateral Flow Device) result on the text message you will receive. You should book a confirmatory PCR test at a local test centre. Please inform the school immediately and do not send your child to school.

What happens if my child's test is void?

If you get a void result, this means that the test has not run correctly. You need to take another test. Use a new test kit, but do not reuse anything from the first kit. If you receive two void tests then please book a PCR test at local test centre and inform the school. 

Where do I get my test kits?
Students will be allocated kits during mentor time every few weeks. Some families have already asked if they can have additional kits for testing all family members on a regular basis. These are available for you but from the NHS, local test centre or your employer rather than via the school. You can find out how to access these here Click Here.

Are all staff included in the testing programme, or only teaching staff?
Enough test kits are being supplied for all staff on-site, including  support staff, cleaners, catering staff such as those responsible for running breakfast and our sports academies.

What  happens to the data I submit to the NHS and the school?

Please read the updated privacy statement for full details of what happens with your data. Click Here

How do I report my child's test results?

Please use the link above to report to the NHS, the link is also in the instruction booklet that students have brought home. It is quicker in the long term for notifying of repeat test results if you create an account with the NHS, you will need a valid email for this. However you can report test result without having an account.  For students in Years 7 to 11 please use the Operoo form to report each test result, it can be updated each time they take a test. Students in the Sixth form will be sent links to record their own test results and links can be found above. 

My child is struggling to take the tests effectively and/or record the results, is there any other support available?

We will continue to run a small in-school testing facility where the tests are supported as they have been since January. If your child may still need this level of support please contact our Student Services Manager jeanette.salter@shoreham-academy.org 

What happens if we have an issue when my child is taking the test?

Who is the school's Covid Coordinator? 

Student Services Manager, jeanette.salter@shoreham-academy.org.  She is also acting as our Registration Assistant. 

My child was not supplied with Covid test kits, is there a reason for this?

Please contact Student Services Manager, jeanette.salter@shoreham-academy.org and we can look into any individual issue. This maybe because we do not yet have the correct consents from the in-school testing processes, your child may have not undertaken tests in school and may need a demo before they undertake them at home, you may have notified us that your child will not be participating in testing or they are in 90 period since they were positive and can't start home testing yet. 


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