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Our Values


Our Curriculum is built on the strong foundation of GCSE. We have a wide range of subjects that enable students to select a study plan to suit them. Our courses provide greater depth and understanding than GCSE so that young people can thrive through academic study. We aim for all students to excel in their qualifications, while also discovering new talents, developing their employability skills and successful work habits.   

We support all students individually through our wide range of post-16 options, encouraging them to make ambitious and informed choices with their new-found independence and qualifications. We have a solid ethos of inclusion, acknowledging students’ unique pathways and aspirations. Students leave Shoreham to begin university courses, start apprenticeships or go straight into employment; all these routes are supported with bespoke advice and guidance. We strive for the best in everyone so that our students flourish.   


We have a wide range of both academic and vocational subjects to suit all students’ interests and requirements.  

Most of our students study A Level courses, but we are proud to be an inclusive Sixth From offering Level 3 Btecs. We also offer a Level 2 programme which centre around employability skills, confidence and achieving success in English and Maths retakes.