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Teaching Staff

NamePositionSubjectSorted By Subject In Ascending Order
Edis, Mr JCover Teacher  
Albergaria, Mr JCover Teacher 
Bishop, Miss S Head of Art/APEX CoordinatorArt
Bracey, Mr ADOS BTEC, CL PhotographyArt
Toe, Mrs SArtArt
Burrows, Ms ATeacher of ArtArt
Hanley, Mrs JDOS Business And Vocational EducationBusiness
Perry, Mrs CDirector of Studies - Technology and ICTComputing
Sheridan, Miss PICT & ComputingComputing
Mehdi, Mr STeacher of ComputingComputing
Wilson, Mrs KCL Arts Award/CL DanceDance
Power, Miss C PE / DanceDance / Sport
Robinson, Miss AHead of DramaDrama
Vincent, Ms STeacher of Design and TechnologyDT
Smith, Mr JTeacher of Design & TechnologyDT
Wilkinson, Mr JCL KS4 & KS5 Graphics, Teacher of TechnologyDT
Carrannante, Ms ECL KS4/5 Food, Textiles. KS3 TechnologyDT / Food
Ballinger, Miss S DOL Wells / Teacher of Ebacc / Teacher of DanceEBacc
Phillips, Mrs HSENCO / Teacher of EBaccEBacc
Yardley, Miss A EBacc TeacherEBacc
Langan, Mr CHead of Economics & CriminologyEconomics
Goodman, Mrs KCL English Retake & Functional Skills, EnglishEnglish
Merchant, Dr HDOL - Doyle / EnglishEnglish
Stevens, Mr TCL KS4 & 2ic EnglishEnglish
Frimpon, Mr SDOL Kipling / EnglishEnglish
Wrigley, Mr J.Curriculum Leader KS5 EnglishEnglish
Thompson, Ms HTeacher of English English
Jackowska, Mrs A DOS EnglishEnglish
Albuery, Miss HHead of EnglishEnglish
Armstrong, Ms BEnglish Intervention LeadEnglish
Thompson, Miss HTeacher of English / Student Council CoordinatorEnglish
Mouland, Ms SEnglish KS3 CoordinatorEnglish
Pugh, Miss CTeacher of EnglishEnglish
McMullen, Mr PTeacher of EnglishEnglish
Finzel, Mr HTeacher of EnglishEnglish
Vary, Ms LTeacher of EnglishEnglish
Morris, Ms REPQ Coordinator, Criminology, Health & Social Care and ChildcareEPQ
Montanheiro, Ms SHead of GeographyGeography
Pulling, Mrs K 2nd in GeographyGeography
Bowden, Mr M.Teacher of GeographyGeography
Jeffery, Mr ATeacher of Geography and HumanitiesGeography
Harding, Ms M.CL Health & Social CareHealth
Galletly, Ms STeacher of Health & Social CareHealth & Social Care
Brooks, Miss SHead of Sixth Form / Teacher of HistoryHistory
Roberts, Miss MCL Ebacc, Teacher of HistoryHistory
Ruzgar, Miss LHead of HistoryHistory
Voss, Mr JTeacher of HistoryHistory
Chiles, Mrs F Teacher of Humanities Humanities
McCaffrey, Miss J2nd in HistoryHumanities
Buttle, Mr RTeacher of HumanitiesHumanities
Mayembo, Mr ATeacher of ICTICT
Reeves, Ms MTeacher of ICT & BusinessICT & Business
Flint Ms SCL FrenchLanguages
Gray, Mrs MLatin TeacherLanguages
Messent, Mrs MDOS - MFL & HumanitiesLanguages
Tromans, Mr WDirector of Teaching & Learning/Director of Professional DevelopmentLanguages
Butler, Mr D.CL FrenchLanguages
Graham, Mrs PTeacher of MFLLanguages
Germano, Ms FTeacher MFLLanguages
Woodings, Mr DTeacher of LawLaw
Hardy, Mrs JTeacher of MathsMaths
Johnson, Mrs KMaths - KS4/2nd in MathsMaths
Kerr, Ms SKS3 Curriculum Leader, 2nd in MathsMaths
Paterson, Mr DKS5 Curriculum LeaderMaths
Aitchison, Mr MTeacher of MathsMaths
Tweedy, Mrs CPupil Premium Intervention CoordinatorMaths
Brunning, Ms RTeacher of MathsMaths
Burrows, Mr RTeacher of MathsMaths
Elliott, Mrs K (nee Deck)DOS MathsMaths
Joseph, Ms MKS3 Intervention Coordinator, MathsMaths
Allen, Miss CTeacher of MathsMaths
Ashley, Miss FTeacher of MathsMaths
O'Neill, Mr ATeacher of MathsMaths
Powell, Mr CTeacher of MathsMaths
Salkeld, Miss STrainee Teacher MathsMaths
Allchin, Ms STeacher of MathsMaths
Locke, Ms EKS5 Media StudiesMedia
Piper, Mr GDOS - The Arts FacultyMedia
Parry, Mr SDirector of Performing ArtsMusic
Parkinson, Mr ATeacher of Music and EnglishMusic
Smith, Mr MCurriculum Leader Psychology/Maths.Psychology
Sargeant, Mr BCL RE/Sociology/Government & Politics/PhilosophyRS
Chadwick, Ms C Teacher of ScienceScience
Fahey, Miss STeacher of ScienceScience
Gilbert, Mr GTeacher of ScienceScience
McKee, Mr MDOS ScienceScience
Parry, Mr NTeacher of ScienceScience
Reeve, Ms J CL KS3 SciScience
Nicholls, Mr RAssistant Director of ScienceScience
Rolfe, Mr JLead Practitioner ScienceScience
Brace, Mrs HTeacher of ScienceScience
Barnicoat, Mr BTeacher of ScienceScience
Allchin, Ms STeacher of ScienceScience
Schafer, Ms LTeacher of ScienceScience
Devonport, Dr JTeacher of ScienceScience
Clarke, Mr JHead of PESport
Gregory, Mrs CPE/Curriculum Leader PSHESport
Joyce, Ms CPE/Asst Principal, BehaviourSport
Pulling, Mr SDirector of SportSport
Hill, Mr ETeacher of PESport
Knowlden, Ms STeacher of PESport
Whitaker, Mr G.CL Core PESport
Grimsley, Miss HTeacher of Girls' PESport
Uncles, Miss LCL BTECSport
Benn, Mr JTeacher of PE/SSCoSport

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