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Senior Leadership Team

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Coupe, Mr J.Principal
Oakes, Mr D.Vice Principal
Sacree, Mr M.Vice Principal
Hill, Ms H.Assistant Principal KS4 & Wells
Penney, Miss V.Assistant Principal T&L Kipling
Shelley, Mrs L. (Maternity leave)Assistant Principal KS3 & Doyle
Harkins, Mr T.Business Director
Felton, Mr K.Assistant Principal & Head of Sixth Form
Joyce, Miss CActing Assistant Principal
Butler, Mrs SHead of Art / Associate SLT
Masters, Mr MAssociate Vice Principal

Sixth Form Team

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Mr Kieran FeltonAssistant Principal & Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Anne HopkinsDeputy Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Sharon ChapmanKS5 Pastoral & Administration Manager
Miss Stephanie CrespinSixth Form Attendence Co-Ordinator

Teaching Staff

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Bishop, Miss SKS3 Curriculum Leader for Art/APEX Coordinator Art
Bracey, Mr ADirector of Studies - BTEC, CL Photography Art
O'Hara, Miss MArt/Photography/Arts Award Teacher Art
Toe, Mrs SArt Art
Hanley, Mrs JDirector of Business And Vocational Education Business
Nagle, Miss CBusiness Studies Business
Ballinger, Miss SEBacc Teacher EBacc
Hopkins, Ms AAssistant Head of 6th Form/Drama/EBacc EBacc
Serejko, Miss HCurriculum Leader EBacc EBacc
Yardley, Miss AEBacc Teacher EBacc
Turrell, Ms K CL Arts Award/CL Dance Dance
Power, Miss CDOL Wells / PE Dance / Sport
Carrannante, Ms ECL KS4/5 Food, Textiles. KS3 Technology Food
Newson, Mr MDirector of Sch to Sch Professional Development DT
Phelan, Mrs LCL Resistant Materials and Graphics DT
Vincent, Ms STeacher of Design and Technology DT
Shakespeare, Mrs JMedia Studies/Head of Drama Drama
Bates, Miss LEnglish English
Goodman, Ms KEnglish English
Koutsoukou, Ms VCL KS3 Eng Year 7 English
Merchant, Dr HDOL - Doyle / English English
Pittam, Mrs LEnglish English
Sharp, Mr KCL KS4 English/CL KS5 Li/Lang English
Stevens, Mr TCL Yrs 8&9 English English
McCaffrey, Miss JHumanities Geography
Montanheiro, Ms SHead of Geography Geography
Pulling, Mrs KGeography/CL Citizenship Geography
Morris, Ms RH&SC/Psychology/Religious Studies Health
Brooks, Miss SHumanities Humanities
Chiles, Mrs FHumanities Humanities
Oram, Mr JHumanities Humanities
McCaffrey, Miss JHumanities Humanities
Sargeant, Mr BCL RE/History/Government & Politics/Philosophy RS
Wiles, Mr RCurriculum Leader - Humanities Humanities
Goodman, Mr MCL KS4/5 ICT and Computing Computing
Isaacs, Mr DICT Computing
Perry, Mrs CDirector of Studies - Technology and ICT Computing
Sheridan, Miss PICT & Computing Computing
Flint Ms SAsst CL French/Spanish Languages
Gray, Mrs MLatin Teacher Languages
Guillen, Mr AAsst CL Spanish/EAL Languages
Messent, Mrs MDOS - MFL & Humanities Languages
Steponitis, Ms TDirector of Inclusion/AST Behaviour/MFL Languages
Tromans, Mr WDirector of Teaching & Learning/Director of Professional Development Languages
Wood, Mrs MHead of Languages Languages
Hardy, Mrs JMaths Maths
Hind, Mr SMaths Maths
Ward, Mrs KMaths - KS4/2nd in Maths Maths
Kerr, Ms SKS3 Co-ordinator - Maths/KS4 and 2nd in Maths Maths
Paterson, Mr DYr 7 KS Co-ordinator - Maths Maths
Phillips, Mr BDirector of Studies - Maths Maths
Smith, Mr MCurriculum Leader Psychology/Maths Maths
Tweedy, Mrs CMaths Tutor Maths
Woodfine, Mr WMaths Maths
Locke, Ms EKS5 Media Studies Media
Piper, Mr GDOS - The Arts Faculty Media
Manton, Mrs AHead of Music Music
Clarke, Mr JHead of PE Sport
Gregory, Mrs CPE/Curriculum Leader PSHE Sport
Hornby, Miss RPE/Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator Sport
Joyce, Ms CDOL - Wells/PE/Associate SLT Sport
Pulling, Mr SDirector of Sport Sport
Reilly, Mrs JPE/Educational Visits Co-ordinator Sport
Dunsdon, Mrs CPE /BTEC Sports Coordinator Sport
Weedon, Mr GPE/BTEC Sports Co-ordinator Sport
Smith, Mr MCurriculum Leader Psychology/Maths. Psychology
Booth, Miss VScience Science
Chadwick, Ms C (maternity leave)Science Science
Cowell, Mrs SScience Science
Fahey, Miss SScience Science
Gilbert, Mr GScience Science
McKee, Mr MDirector of Studies - Science Science
Moffat, Mr DScience Science
Parry, Mr NScience Science
Reeve, Ms JCL KS3 Sci Science
Kang, Miss E Science Science
Widdows, Mr BScience Science
Wilson, Ms SDirector of Learning Kipling Science
Nicholls, Mr RAssistant Director of Science Science
Brunning, Ms RTeacher of Maths Maths
Akehurst, Ms KScience Science
Whitaker, Mr G.PE/ICT/EBacc Sport
McGreal, Miss L.Dance Dance
Austin, Mr J.PE/English/Science/Food & Nutrition/French Sport
Wrigley, Mr J.English/Whole School Literacy English
Bowden, Mr M.Geography Geography
Harding, Ms M.CL Health & Social Care Health
Butler, Mr D.MFL Languages
Jennings, Mrs TMaths Maths
Playle, Mr MMaths Maths
Holt, Mr S.PE Sport
Cochrane, Mr GMaths Maths
Thompson, Ms HEnglish Trainee English
Lennon, Miss KEnglish English
Andrews, Mr CPsychology Psychology
Sidwell, Mr LPE Trainee Sport
Smart, Miss EMFL Trainee Languages
Gardiner, Miss SEnglish Trainee English
Parkinson, Mr ATeacher of Music and English Music
Brown, Mr JLead Practitioner Maths Maths
Ridley, Ms JTeacher of Music Music
Rolfe, Mr JLead Practitioner Science Science
Stone, Mrs HTeacher of Science Science

Pastoral, Technical, Premises and Support Teams

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Bukleeb, Mrs WFood and Textiles Technician
Frape, Mr RDT Technician
Medway, Mr MSenior AV Technician
Sweetman, Ms MWork Experience Coordinator
Chapman, Mr MICT Services Manager
Elliott, Mrs AICT Technician
Johnson, Miss RLibrarian/Widening Participation Co-ord
Courant, Mr GSite Officer
Farbridge, Mr DSite Officer
Hunter, Mr DSenior Site Officer
Jarman, Mr KPremises Manager
Phillips, Mr MSite Officer
Murray, Mr OScience Technician
Horne, Mr WScience Technician
Reeves, Miss SSenior Science Technician.
Hales, Mrs YPastoral Manager - Doyle/Student Council Co-ord
Carter, Mrs S (maternity leave)CLA EAL Pastoral Manager
Chapman, Mrs SKS5 Admin/Pastoral Manager
Gilding, Mrs CPastoral Manager - Doyle
Tabor, Mr SPastoral Manager - Doyle
Molli, Ms GPastoral Manager - Wells
Lee, Mrs JPastoral Manager - Wells
Symons, Mrs LPastoral Manager - Kipling
Vickers, Mrs NPastoral Manager - Kipling
Salter, Mrs JWelfare Officer / Deputy CP Officer
Burgess, Mr DArts Technician
Sunderland, Mr JPE Technician
Smith, Mr APastoral Manager - Kipling (Friday)
Harris, Miss ACounsellor

Admin Team

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Chapman, Mrs SKS5 Admin/Pastoral Manager
Churchill, Mrs DPA to the Principal
Claesson-Goom, Mrs CCover Manager
Colburn, Mrs MStudent Services Manager/Deputy CP Officer
Cox, Mrs CSenior HR Officer
Crespin, Miss SSixth Form Study Supervisor
Grice, Ms ZCover Administrator
Harkins, Mr TBusiness Director
Hubbard, Miss ECreative Communications Officer
Kearsey, Mrs KCover Administrator
Miles, Mrs CAttendance Officer
Mouland, Miss S (maternity leave)Cover Administrator
Pearson, Mrs VKS4 Admin/PA to DO/Yr 7 Administrator
Wilkins, Mrs MFinance and Admin Manager
Saunders, Mr MData Manager
Savage, Mrs SKS3 Admin/Fixed Term Exclusions/PA to MDS
Smith, Mrs JExaminations Manager and Work Experience Co-ordinator
Spence, Mrs SFinance Officer
Sweetman, Ms MWork Experience Coordinator
Weir, Miss NEducation Attendance Officer
Westgate, Ms LCover Administrator/PSHCE Co-ordinator
Williams, Mrs TReceptionist / Lettings
Newington, Mrs LHR Administrator
Thaxter, Mrs LReceptionist (1-5 pm)

Inclusion and Gateway Teams

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Steponitis, Ms TDirector of Inclusion/AST Behaviour/ICT/MFL
Brady, Mrs MTeaching Assistant
Carter, Mrs S (maternity cover)LAC Manager
Catt, Miss LTeaching Assistant
Churchill, Mrs SLead TA - Social, Mental, Emotional Health
Davis, Ms FTeaching Assistant
Dunk, Mrs CLead TA
Earl, Mrs SLiteracy Tutor Th, Fr plus casual Exam Assessor
Edwards, Mrs MInclusion Co-ordinator
Gander, Mr SActing LAC Manager
Grossman, Ms LTeaching Assistant - EAL
Hunter, Ms BTeaching Assistant - ASD
Kargioti, Ms ATeaching Assistant
Kipling, Ms STeaching Assistant
Marchant, Ms CTeaching Assistant
Marchant, Mrs NTeaching Assistant - Sounds Write
McDonald, Mrs ETeaching Assistant
Nye, Ms RTeaching Assistant
O'Dell, Mr DCLA Learning Tutor
Parkes, Ms CSEN Administration
Russell, Mrs TGateway & CLA Teacher
Shackleton, Mrs CTeaching Assistant
Sharp, Mrs JSENCO/ Head of ILS
Smith, Mr ATeaching Assistant
Stacey, Ms DTeaching Assistant - Music
Thomas, Mr DTeaching Assistant - Maths
Townsend, Ms CLead TA - Speech and Language and Comm Needs
Tugwell, Mr MTeaching Assistant
Visser, Ms ALead TA - Cognition and Learning
Weir, Mr KLead TA - Cognition and Learning
Westoby, Mrs STeaching Assistant
Austin, Mrs BDirector of Gateway Centre
Kembery, Mrs NAlternative Provision Manager
Ronchetti, Mr AAssistant Learning Mentor
Williams, Mr AIsolation Room Manager
Dawson, Miss JTeaching Assistant
Shakir, Mrs FTeaching Assistant
Potter, Miss JAssistant Learning Mentor
Williams, Miss LSenior Learning Mentor
Riaz, Mrs MTeaching Assistant
Thornley, Ms LPrimary Link Learning Mentor
Woodgate, Miss LTeaching Assistant
Michael, Mr PAssistant Learning Mentor
Martin, Mr JTeaching Assistant

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